Monday, June 19, 2017

We need to talk...?! (take 2)

Last blog we started looking at the situation that makes appraisal day dreadful to wish for now here is the second part of the post

Here is the challenge we don't have an agreement on what needs to be done and when we do its negotiated to a certain level all with the compliments of the bell curve, I understand that the bell curve helped many organization with their bonuses and promotion but it also created an environment of hostility and animosity.

So  when it involves a small team of high performers who should get the A, B…or F, and what can we do about it?  The solution is we need to define expectations…why do you get a salary? So that you achieve certain objectives, if these objectives are met…congratulations we have just identified the C (very misunderstood sometimes as a bad thing) so now you don’t need to worry as you have just achieved 100%

Now we can safely conclude what is exceeding your objectives – this means you have achieved yours and assisted others which really gives a meaning to teamwork– by the way you don't get anything for helping your team achieve their objectives 😀 - what we mean here is that you assisted one or more of your peers and/or other departments.

So where does outstanding come in? this happens when we achieve all the above (met your objectives, assisted others and you innovated the business this means achieving an objective that changes and severely impacts the business results by doing this allows us to achieve the filteration of the bell curve and would be easier to explain to the team as they can physically see the outcome (who falls in the following breakdown 2%, 14%, 68%, 14%, 2%) so is the problem resolved? Yes up to certain degree 80%, 20% will come from the automation and having a smart system not storage but thats another story.