Monday, June 19, 2017

We need to talk..?! (take 1)

"Nabiiiiillllll We need to talk" by far this is the most stressful statement that when I hear it from my wife I am like oh my God…but we will not talk about this and will go to the second perceived most stressful statement "Nabiiilll its your appraisal tomorrow "and this time its my boss this is not only stressful for me but for others as well

 I had a 3 day on a Tuesday through Thursday  with the training scheduled to finish 5pm,  the client came up to and said "can we  finish at 3 as its appraisal day and people would not be in the mood"…has anyone experienced such a situation before or heard of it? 

What makes appraisal day as stressful as it is? and for that there are many reasons why its is so, here are some scenarios that examplify the situation:  
Nabil I know you have done well this year and I will rate you as met expectation since your colleague Ahmed has done well last and this year and its his turn to get the Outstanding…but you know I have also exceeded the expectations…yes I know Nabil but you know the rules I can only give one of the high ratings …so what do you think will happen to the value of the appraisal system? 

Nabil how did you perform in the last 6 month? unless I am the village idiot then my answer would be …"I performed very well” but the question is according to who? What are the expectation and if we don't know what are the expectation how can we meet and exceed it let alone be Outstanding…!?

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